Help Me Kickstart My Next Level of Purpose

I’m asking for your investment in my life. This past year I’ve started a shift in my livelihood. Connection is my fuel, and making a living by coaching is a natural fit for my desire to further exercise my listening & relational skills.

Getting to this point has been a profound risk, and it’s been well worth it.  I am committed to mastering being the love that creates a home for life’s future.

This dedication speaks to me across all contexts. A love & nurturance that includes myself. Attention towards the growth and wellbeing of my community. The material and spiritual foundation for the next generation – I intend to become a father. And a unique contribution in securing this Earth’s future.

I have outlined below several services I’m offering and corresponding suggestions of dollar amounts. I am fundraising to complete & further embark on trainings including the OneTaste Coaching Program, Landmark Education, Possibility Management & New Culture (Tamara Healing Biotope, etc). The expense of these is beyond my current income level and I aim to make up the difference through your support and offering the following:

Offers best fitted for the Santa Cruz area:

I have a truck! I can help you move, run things to the dump, bring you wood chips from the Homeless Garden Project, or a yard of soil, mulch, rock, sand or gravel from Central Home Supply. It’s worth it for me to do this for $50-60+ (depending on dump/material costs). The wood chip ground cover is free for the taking, though I manually load it.

Computer repair, upgrades, data recovery, software usage coaching, etc. I have a general purpose competence here, though a marked preference for working with Apple computers.  – make me your personal Apple Store! Estimates vary, but I’d appreciate ~$30/hr.

Offers for wherever you be:

$120 Web hosting! I’ll host your site, in perpetuity. I’ll support you in acquiring a domain, configure that with hosting & install Wordpress (a content manager system that meets most people’s needs). If you’d like to switch from an existing host (who more often or not will offer a refund), I’ll support you in that too. I’m available for further support at the rate of $30/hr.

Geek Translation! This may be a unique offering & there’s quite a span of applicability. Do you work with tech oriented people & want a clearer understanding of what’s going on? Have a process you’ve hired out & would like audited? This is an opportunity to utilize my people skills & my strength of grokking tech abstractions to alleviate must understandings, crossed wires & get your project into flow. I’m also up for relieving you of any other form of techno-stress you might be experiencing. Rates negotiable.

$30, I take you out to eat sometime in the future.

Coaching! While I am in training, I’m offering this at a sliding scale of $40-20/hr for packages of 4 hours or more.

OM Training!! Orgasmic Meditation, training for singles or couples at a sliding scale rate of $80-60 per session, while I’m in training. These come in three (that’s $240-180).


Most dollar amounts specified are starting points as reference. Please ask for what you want & supply what you might – I’d like more!