NEW: “Las Vegas or Bust”

*** added Friday, Nov 16, 2018***

Hello Friends, I’m taking on an opportunity in my work with 2020 or Bust (see ‘ending the climate crisis’ page & GET INVOLVED : ) to hit the road and take our mission (Empowering Humanity to END THE CLIMATE CRISIS!) to the NEXT LEVEL.. “Las Vegas or Bust” I’ll be accompanying our founder’s skateboarding from the ~400 miles from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas (yes, this is the thing we’re doing). I’m along for the ride to work the web outreach, graphic design and in person canvassing in the towns we’ll be passing through along HWY 15 – and learning to skate along the way.

We’re working to generate $400,000 funds from this action to support the global launch of our campaign & smartphone app. I invite you to please donate to have this happen.

What I’m requesting here is your financial support in being available for a month to do this. This is not a paid position.

During the 10 months of leading the Bay Area chapter of 2020 or Bust we’ve raised around $60K, and this has made an enormous difference in elevating the functionality of the 2020 or Bust app (install it!). Please support me in generating much more during this concentrated period of time.

And also, this will be fun!

I’m looking for $2,500.

You can contribute through this avenues (the links go to my accounts) :

VenmoPaypalSquare CashFacebook Messenger (which has an instant debit transfer feature). All of these services have a zero cost transfer option available : )

ps. I’ll be updating the total at my earliest opportunity. (last updated Nov 20, 2018, 4:22PM)

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